Livia Vajda’s way
While passing through her mottled undulating towns,
while wandering along her bluish landscapes,
while following her dreamlike figures assembling as
for some magic ball, all kinds of echoes are
summoned. Entering Livia Vajda’s world is entering
poetry. A glorious, dazzling poetry, between fact
and fancy, rich with discreet fervour and subdued
happiness. A flowering poetry, smiling in blue,
in yellow, in red. Livia Vajdas’ pictorial dreams
follow us, they are already at our side like friends, on
a path she has endowed with motion and with
scent, so as to protect us from the unfathomable
roads of the night.
Jérôme Garcin


Livia Vajda (1929_2011)

Paintings are currently being exhibited at Galerie Saphir
69, rue du Temple 75003 Paris
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