Livia Vajda was born in Hungary in Nyiregyhaza. She was studying drawing, in Budapest, when world war two broke out and German troops of occupation arrived.
Then she settled in Paris and tried different jobs for a living. She married in 1948, had a girl and divorced, ten years later. In  her studio close to Pont-Neuf where you could see a small triangle of river Seine, painters, sculptors, writers and poets use to visit her. It was the sixties. This pent house, under a glass roof was on the eighth floor. During winter you would freeze and burn during summer. Nevertheless, going up and down was good for heart and legs. People living in that old building were very friendly. Most of them became great friends of the artist and her young daughter.
In 1963, a parisian gallery located ‘rive gauche” organised her first exhibition. Then she had others in France.
She moved, found a new studio and then a bigger one on “les grands boulevards”, close to the well known cinema Le Rex. Her pictures where shown in Australia and in New York.
At the same time she began a Belgian career.
In 1966 l’Athénée museum, in Geneva, organized a great exhibition of her paintings. In 1972, that was the year when the Belgian State decided to buy one of her master pieces. She had a retrospective in Malines and,  later, another one in Brussells Town Hall. She then settled in Belgium for a decade.
Now she is back in Paris, near canal de l’Ourq, in the east part of the city. She paints every day and plays piano. Livia Vajda also enjoys to give free lessons of painting for the youngest or for the adults as art therapy.
Recently two art galleries in Hungary organised an exhibition of her paintings in Budapest and Szentendre.
Videos and books on the artist are available.